About Us

Naples, Italy, is the birthplace of pizza, which is exceptionally unique when compared to the American (New York & Chicago) style of pizza.  We sincerely desire to bring a fresh, healthy pizza to the American public. 

All our main ingredients are directly imported from Italy, such as cheese, flour, sauce, vegetables, and other items to make the pizza.  We use a proprietary recipe and cooking method I helped design to make our authentic Napoletana pizza.  

The pizza people consume here in the U.S. mainly contains artificial ingredients, seed oils, and other processed items.  Napoli Now only uses fresh Italian ingredients, especially flour, which, by law in Italy, Round-Up is forbidden to be used in wheat harvesting as they do in farming here in the U.S. At Napoli Now, we use the best ingredients, so we feel we have the best pizza. 

Napoli Now Pizza is uniquely fine dining and gourmet fast food, giving the sit-down and take-out experience.  Our sandwiches are made with traditional Naples Panuozzo bread; our meatballs are made with 100% beef, no pork or veal.  Our pasta dishes are fantastic, and we have a great selection of wines from small Italian cantinas and craft beers that you can only find at Napoli Now.

We have been in the restaurant business for over 60 years, and our family focuses on taste, quality, and good service, which are the main reasons customers return to your restaurant.  Our family’s philosophy is the backbone of our restaurant at Napoli Now and why we have been getting such great reviews since we began.  But the main reason I got into the restaurant business was because, in my opinion, the food served in most restaurants is substandard and not good for you. 

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